Fábio Pereira / Lucas Melo / Gervásio Melo / Michael Nogueira / Cristel Hernández / Ivan Amorim / Francisco Lima

For many people, linen is a symbol of purity, lightness and simplicity. The traditions, myths and songs associated with it, handed down by past generations, are evoked in this piece, so as preserve a part of this legacy. The manual work, carried out mainly by the women who performed the various tasks that went into the production of linen, as well as the know-how that went with it, was a strong, constant source of inspiration in the design of the table.

Through the various assumptions related to linen, from its history to how it fits into the context of rural villages, a concern emerged about the origin of linen itself, its origin and, consequently, the morphology of its seed. The table, therefore, was the result of the materialisation of the idea, designed in the form of a seed, the source of creation and growth, covered with a tablecloth on which there is a representation of the flax flower, dressed in knitted thread.