Campo Benfeito, Castro d’Aire


Burel capes that retrieve the traditional capucha from the past, worn by women from the Serra de Montemuro as they do the chores of country life. Triangular in shape, it is held in place at the head and fulfils the dual purpose of covering and protecting from the rain, leaving the hands free for work.

‘Burel’ is pressed wool fabric that has been used by mountain dwellers since time immemorial. It is woven from pure sheep’s wool and it is then pounded and pressed in the fulling mill to make the cloth more compact, stronger and waterproof. The pieces, one in traditional brown the other in a mixture of white and brown wool, are cut exactly as they used to be, just like a capucha that’s over 50 years old. The oak leaf appliqués, the commonest tree in the region, as a decorative element of the capuchas brings a modern touch to the pieces. The leaves are cut by laser in a combination of the ancestral knowledge of burel and new technology.