Joana Silva Moreira / Hugo Cardoso
Prof. Arq. João Cruz


ESAD - Escola Superior de Artes e Design de Matosinhos
​Cerdeira, Lousã

Gastronomy is the topic that brings together tangible and intangible culture, the generator of rich, complex relationships in the sustainable transformation of natural resources, the ultimate representative of the accumulated culture of knowing how to do and how to be. From the intertwined dance of the mountains in the landscape to the roofs ensconced on the slopes of Cerdeira, from the magnificent schist walls to the structure of this magmatic rock that forms in thin layers from the compression of the clay, comes a word that is almost a gesture, a way of doing - stacking or piling up, such as one who stacks objects. A playful, ordered, experimental or constructive stack, because stacking is inherently human.