Ana Magueta / António Rosário / Beatriz Ramos / Lena Clasing / Miguel Henriques / Rute Martinho / Ryuka Mitimasa

The strawberry tree is an indigenous fruit tree, spread widely throughout the Schist Villages. It grows amongst the woody undergrowth, alongside the tracks and the lanes. It is an underused and underrated plant, despite its many health benefits; its fruit has high antioxidant properties, prevents diseases, helps control cholesterol levels and improves skin and bone health. 

With the aim of raising people’s awareness to the importance of preserving this tree, we designed a pack that imparts knowledge on five products based on the fruit of the strawberry tree – brandy, jam, liqueur, tea and honey. Using an analogy with science labs, the strawberry tree pack invites you to taste the best this tree has to offer from test tubes inserted into a handmade wooden base. This combination of science and handicraft reflects the full scientific/medicinal and traditional potential of the strawberry tree.