Lordelo, Guimarães


Lamp made of beech wood and porcelain formally based in an old measure of grain – the bushel. Seeds served as inspiration for this piece, drawing attention to the problem of the monopolisation of seeds and biodiversity by large international companies. The preservation of these genetic differences that seeds contain and exchange of energy they potentiate are the underlying principles of this conception of “Bushel of Light.”

The piece was created using the modelling technique of filling a plaster mould with ceramic paste in liquid form. Very fine reliefs recreate the texture of the seeds on the surface of the porcelain. The backlight source heightens the shape of the seeds and gives a greater ambience, in a night-light that sits on a table or can be fixed on the wall.



The name is the title of a book of poems by Eugénio de Andrade, published in 1948, as a tribute to the Portuguese poet from Fundão, on the tenth anniversary of his death. Three bowls will hold the fruit, which comes from the seeds, the source of creation and inspiration collected in nature by the hands of men and women. The leaves have different textures and are irregular and very delicate, in very fine porcelain, and they are resting on small, round, burel pads, like those that women once used when carrying baskets and pitchers on their heads. Ceramic modelling by filling with liquid paste and making the cloth pad.