Elsa Almeida / Victor Pruteano / Jessica Amaral / Maria Inês Lopes
Prof. Célia Figueiredo


UE - Universidade de Évora
​Álvaro, Oleiros

Reinterpretation of the Portuguese clog, the traditional footwear of the village of Álvaro, reinvented in the light of contemporaneity. The clogs, carved in alder wood, reincarnate the sacred art carvings present in the religious heritage of the village and also incorporate the Portuguese tradition of working flax. Once assembled and shaped by the clog-maker, the clog is scented to evoke the bundles of lavender that are still made in the village. The olive tree, one of the most valued native species, is represented both in the embroidery that outlines the shape of the leaf and the seed, and in the base, through the sole grooving work. A seed is introduced into the body of the clog so that, when it is no longer useful, it can be planted and returned to nature.

Handmade clogs in alder wood, flax, cork, jute, gum arabic and lavender oil.