Alexa Pires / Daniela Lopes / Maria Gomes / Mariana Ribeiro / Rute Lopes / Sara Martins

Ever since the olden days, people have found in nature everything they need to cure their diseases, producing traditional home made remedies. This compendium includes recipes based on natural products, handed down through the generations. This almost forgotten culture is safeguarded in handmade tow bags containing samples of medicinal plants and accompanied by information on their properties and preparation. Then all you have to do is choose the stones that will crush them in the mortar.

The mortar base is in chestnut wood, produced and worked manually. The manufacturing process consisted in modelling the block of wood, finishing it with two types of sandpaper, and finally applying a coating of beeswax. Later, at the FabLab, the logo was engraved by laser on the bottom of the mortar, and on its top, a Portuguese proverb related to the concept underlying the piece: “He who heals well will have a long life”.