Ana Caboz / Ana Fernandes / Bianca Silva / Débora Pereira / Patrícia Mendes / Sara Mendes / Tiago Santos

A glass bottle, as transparent as the liquid resulting from distillation in the still, wrapped up in a copper spiral evoking the twisting and turning of the vapours in their spirited climb. The idea was born during a moment of socialising with the population of the small village of Aigra Velha, where one elderly family still plays the role of Aladdin on cold nights, bringing along century-old festivities and know-how.

On cold winter nights, the residents of Aigra Velha gather around Mr Claro’s still to make eau-de-vie. The atmosphere is lively as they keep alive the old family tradition of distilling the marc. The copper spiral symbolises a wealth of knowledge acquired from each “stilling session” and handed down through the generations. Thus is this bottle dressed up, a metaphor for “Aladdin for the cold nights” with its spiralling copper vapours in an analogy with the material the still is made of, in contrast with the transparency of the glass.