ESAD + Ferraria de São João

Ricardo Paulino / Rita Martins / Tânia Martins
Prof.ª Paula Lomelino


ESAD - Escola Superior de Artes e Design das Caldas da Rainha
Ferraria de São João, Penela

Ferraria de São João has a number of features that distinguish it from the others, in particular a magnificent cork oak stand and a set of numerous communal pounds in quartzitic schist that fringe the village, an indication of the tradition of breeding goats.

The memory of this place was written into the ceramic paste through the textures taken on site. The narrative of the pieces encompasses the whole ritual of communion with the rhythms of nature, from the milking of the goats to the production of cheese, ending with a celebration at the table where the memory is built and relived.



“Cabrada” collection in ceramic paste. One-litre bottle and goblets, cheese dishes, plates and tiles from which to hang kitchen utensils. Textures modelled in clay in the village and transposed to plaster, in order to create moulds. Shaping of pieces by filling with slip. After an initial firing at about 1000°C, the pieces were glazed and fired again at 1200ºC.