Giuseppe Sardone / João Correia
Prof.ª Catarina Lisboa / Prof.ª Ana Margarida Ferreira (coord.)


IADE-U - Instituto Superior de Arte , Design e Empresa
​Figueira, Proença-a-Nova


Blue was the sky, green the fields, dark the earth, 
Elastic and tough was the flesh of the trees, 
Blood were the drops of resin    
And the leaves where the light was splintered.

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, Paisagem


The Schist Villages are ideal places in which to enjoy nature. Based on the culture and memory of the village of Figueira and its local resources - material, technological and human - this backpack enables you to recreate genuine experiences and establish an emotional and sensory relationship with the village. The evocation of memory is in the materials - flax, cork, wood and leather - all of them testimonies to the ancient crafts and know-how of Figueira.

The backpack enables you to do a number of outdoor activities, making contact with nature, with the local culture and with its cuisine unique. The piece offers four different functions: picnic backpack, picnic rug, backpack and a bag to go to market.



Flax, leather buckles and a lunchbox in cork and wood.