Daniela Alves / Eduardo Vanzeler
Prof. Paulo Costa / Prof. Sérgio Lemos


IPG - Instituto Politécnico da Guarda
​Martim Branco, Castelo Branco

With about 20 inhabitants, Martim Branco has a number of notable features that make it unique. Pillories, wrought iron locks, old wooden doors, houses of schist and granite, an olive grove that hugs the village and keeps alive the custom of olive picking, and communal ovens in which bread is still baked, cover the village in a shroud of nostalgia and local knowledge that must be preserved.

Convivium is a set of five pieces that reflect the village tradition. Bread is one of the symbols of the village, represented here by a bread board. The olive tree, whose wood is used in the pieces of this set, is also a symbolic element of Martim Branco and celebrates the harvesting of olives and the tasting of olive oil. The combination of olive oil and bread requires other companions that complement the Portuguese table, such as cheese and sausage, octopus or cod salad. Convivium provides a table set with a symbolic character, representing the short break for a snack, after long hours of work in the field, to restore one’s energies and provide moments of companionship.

Set of pieces in olive wood that form a tapas table. Cutting board (38cm x 27cm), olive oil bowl (16cm x 12cm), bowl for olives (18cm x 12cm), bowl with spoon for serving accompaniments (29cm x 8cm). The design of the shapes and the volumes of the set is based on the observation of the fluidity of olive oil when in contact with a smooth surface. Finished with beeswax in order to make it safe for use and to achieve a natural look and feel.