Alba Gallego / Catarina Marques / Francesca Minerva / Francesca Granzotto / Isabel Ferreira / Joana Dias / Rafaela Fernandes

This portable kitchen garden is an invitation to connect people to the land, offering them the opportunity to sow, grow and finally harvest with their own hands what they eat. This is an ingrained habit in rural areas, especially in the Schist Villages, so it makes sense to recreate this important field activity in the city, making it into a fun hobby and fostering an interest in the preservation and development of agriculture. A challenge for us to continue to nurture our culture.

Taking its inspiration from the typical nature and landscapes in the Schist Villages, the project identifies with the terraces of the region as a way of evoking and enhancing their beauty. We’ve created a simple structure with three layers at different heights, where various types of spices can be grown in a practical way. The simple, straight lines give this “garden” a clean and modern vibe that is supplemented and embellished with foliage that grows after sowing. The material used (MDF) combines wood fibres, thus merging the rural into the urban, which reinforces our argument.