Jeweller with training in sculpture, too, Patrícia Gorriz has two collections with different handpieces of silver, based on the finger stalls once used by harvesters to protect their fingers from being cut by the scythe. 

One of the collections recreates the finger stalls used in the region of Mogadouro, originally made of leather. These pieces were made using the technique of repoussé, which consists of hammering a sheet of silver over a base with a recess so that the silver gains the desired shape. 

The other collection is based on the Alentejo finger stalls which used to be made of cane, and features pieces of modelled silver. These silver pieces also incorporate strips of leather.

The connection with the body - the finger stalls are, after all, protective items adapted to the body to protect it from outside action, like a second skin - was what most inspired the jeweller in creating these collections.