Covas, Vila Nova de Cerveira


A biologist whose interest lies in the area of international environmental conservation, Robin Bovey always felt inspired by nature and the beauty it contains, within and without. Bovey is fascinated by what is locked within a piece of wood, which no-one – not even he – can unravel until the material is opened up. And the best way to reveal the beauty of wood is the lathe.

By turning a piece of wood on a lathe, we get a three-dimensional view of its grain and veins. Bovey works on freshly cut wood that is still green. Thus, as the piece dries so its shape will change. After drying you never get two pieces the same. Once the piece is finished, the wood always has the last word in its own way. Pieces in green Portuguese oak, turned on a VB36 lathe with beeswax and oil finish. Measurements: 50 x 30 cm; 50 x 12 cm; 30 x 25 cm.